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Pixicast – electronic podcast hosted by Voide

First episode of Pixicast hosted by Voide and published by the Pixies Palace artists and listeners network, alternative electronic world sounds.

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1. FugdaleWhat’s On Your Mind (USA)

2. TiteeLeavez Remixx by Crimson Death (Australia/Canada)

3. Friends of redhaloIt’s Getting Thick (Canada)

4. Phillip WilkersonOn the French Riviera (USA)

5. C.P. McDillAstrolabe (Saluki Regicide) (USA)

6. JukeenMeltal (Slovenia)

7. fenducciHurt Babe (Scotland)

8. Corrientes & Crimson DeathWords Mean Nothing (USA/Canada)

9. BaskylMagic Glowstick (Germany)

10. Cixxx JAnd now what should (Danny Lo Scippo ReMiX) (Italy)

11. Reconsiderate & TecknixiaAnomaly (USA)

12. LungbutterShow Me Your Sex Face (Canada)

13. NezumiTriumf marzen (Poland)

14. NorthcapeDetach (UK)

15. soft damages4_H_. (Ireland)

16. The Peach TreeRed Panda by Northcape (Black Possum Mix) (Australia/UK)

17. Solid ElectroBlock Busting Beats (Denmark)

18. mildsparrowMiss Universe 2005 (Australia)

19. HealeyIslandThat Door Closes Quickly (UK)

20. 5thinstarjump (UK)

21. 4c3Red Panda by Northcape (Bamboo Night Rmx) (Mexico/UK)

22. DeepspaceThe Barometric Sea (Australia)

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  Lucas Gonze’s blog » Pixieguts wrote @ March 25, 2009 at 12:00 pm

[...] She has a weblog, http://pixie-guts.blogspot.com. She releases at jamendo. She has a podcast. http://pixieguts.jamendo.net/2.....-by-voide/ [...]

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